My goal is to create a world where all financial advisers can confidently provide ethical investment advice, and all people can speak to their adviser about their ethical preferences.

It's a win for advisers, it's a win for clients, and it's a win for a more sustainable future.

I built Invest with Ethics to support financial advisers who want to meet the needs of their values-driven clients. By delivering ethical investing and advice solutions, including consulting services, online courses, and content creation, I can help you to incorporate sustainability in your advice.

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I've been supporting financial advisers in the ethical space for more than five years. Whether producing content, researching funds, helping with advice documents or on an investments committee, I've been helping advisers across Australia with their ethical investing needs.

Prior to this, I successfully completed degrees in finance and business. I always knew that running my own business was for me, so I chose to major in marketing (and also why I love creating content for advisers!).

It took me a while to find an area in finance that aligned with my own values, so I spent nearly a decade in academia trying to figure it out. I achieved First Class Honours in finance before discovering ETHICAL INVESTING. After that, I knew exactly what I wanted to focus on, and spent the next three years researching the effect of ESG factors on investment portfolios.

SPOILER ALERT: research overwhelmingly supports the hypothesis that there is no significant difference in returns between traditional and ethical portfolios.

Throughout this time, I also taught and produced a range of learning materials at both the graduate and post-graduate level. I LOVE to share knowledge in ways that make learning interesting.

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Why I do it


We all have a role in creating a sustainable environment, society and resilient economy.

I am driven by the belief that financial advisers are an integral link in the investment chain who play an important role in mobilising capital towards sustainability. 

Ethical advisers who recommend ethical and responsible investments that align with client values and take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, are part of the global shift towards meeting the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Financial advisers and their clients are shaping the future.

Work with me


I help you provide ethical investment advice to your clients, even if you don't understand ESG and responsible investing yet.

I specialise in supporting the transition from the traditional to ethical advice space, helping you develop the skills, resources and confidence to discuss ESG concerns with your clients and incorporate ethical investments in your advice.

Whether you already provide ethical advice, or are new to this space, I have a suite of services that can assist you, giving you more time to devote to your existing and potential clients.

Did you know that ethical advisers build deeper relationships with clients by bringing together their personal values, sustainability and ethical investments in financial advice?

Book a quick, complementary chat to discuss the ideal solution for your business, and how we can best work together.

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I've been fortunate to be a member of the Ethical Advisers’ Co-op since 2016, a national group of advisers who are leading the industry in providing ethical and responsible investment solutions to clients. The Co-op has been instrumental in my understanding of ethical advice in practice. I happily contribute to the Co-op's working groups, actively helping to establish the Co-op’s leaf ratings, an ethical fund rating system that helps people understand whether their investments and superannuation are in line with their values. I've been on the Board since 2019. We hold events across Australia each year for Ethical Investment Week.


Altiorem is the world’s first community-built online sustainable finance library. By providing summaries of research and solutions, Altiorem is dedicated to supporting individuals and groups who are advocating and implementing change toward a sustainable environment, society and resilient economy. As Head of Research, I led the development of the taxonomy and website templates, and now focus on training and supporting the generous volunteers who are helping to build the library. We launched in April 2020 and already have over 100 pieces of ESG and sustainable finance research in the library! Excellent resources for advisers and membership is free.


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I am an award winning chef.

Spanning over a decade, I cooked my way to the top, working across Australia and eventually running kitchens in 4 star hotels.

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My research is published.

My Honours thesis is published in an A-grade journal. It is about the reaction of the stock market to monetary policy announcements.

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I have hiked in Nepal.

I LOVE hiking and travelling. Experiencing different environments and cultures allows me to appreciate and connect with our planet.